EFL Championship

The English Football League Championship (often noted because the Championship for brief or the Sky Bet Championship for support reasons)[1] is that the highest division of the English Football League (EFL) and second-highest overall within the English league system once the Premier League.

Each season, the 2 top-finishing groups within the Championship are mechanically promoted to the Premier League. The teams that end the season in third to sixth place enter a competition tournament, with the winner conjointly gaining promotion to the Premier League. The 3 lowest-finishing teams in the Championship are relegated to League One.

The Football League Championship, that was introduced for the 2004–05 season, was antecedently better-knownbecause the Football League First Division (1992–2004), and before that was referred to as Division Two (1892–1992). The winners of the Championship receive the Football League Championship trophy, identical trophy as the recent First Division champions were two-handed before the Premier League’s origin in 1992. Similar to different divisions of skilledEnglish soccer, Welsh clubs will be a part of the division, creating it a cross-border league.

The Championship is that the wealthiest non-top flight soccer division within the world and also the seventh richest division in Europe.[2] With a mean match group action for the 2016–17 season of 20,130 the Championship stratifiedsecond once the German 2. Bundesliga because the most-watched secondary league in the planet.